You're Engaged! Now What?

They popped the question and of course you said YES! Now your new title for each other is fiancé. After the emotions have set in and there is a permanent smile glued to your face, where do you start? There are several tasks after that ring slides on your finger to help you kick off wedding planning.  


Get the News Out

You’re dream has come true and now it is your reality; the first thing you’ll want to do is tell people about it! Before jumping to social media, stick to your close family and friends in sharing this exciting news in person or over the phone. Once your close ones are up-to-date, then head to social media with the perfect engagement post.   

Get a Manicure

All eyes (yours included) will be glued to your left hand. What better way to complement your ring with some clean cuticles and cute polish.

You Put a Ring on It

This beautiful addition to your left hand will need some separation possibly. Make sure the ring fits perfect to your finger. If it is too tight or if there’s a little wiggle room, take it in to get sized to fit perfectly on your finger. Additionally, get your ring insured. The last thing you want to happen is for something to happen to your new bling. Things do happen, unfortunately, so make sure to call and add it to your policy.  

Enjoy the Moment

Once you are engaged the ideas and questions start flowing about colors, dates, venue, etc. First and foremost try to take a couple days or weeks to simply enjoy being engaged! This is an once-in-a-lifetime event that will go by in a flash once the planning begins. A great way to stay in the moment is take your now fiancé on relaxing weekend getaway or by celebrating with close friends and family with an engagement party. 

Go to the Vision Board

It’s not just one of us that has dreamed about our wedding day. Sit down with your fiancé and talk about what is important to each of you on your wedding day. Your dream could be to have an intimate small wedding, a glamorous big wedding, and peonies in your bouquet or a bar that has your signature drink. What better way to get your ideas narrowed down with “Our Wedding Day” Pinterest board?

Let’s talk Money

This is the most dreadful aspect of wedding planning, although extremely important. Key: Do not book anything until you know how much you have to spend on your big day. Talk with your fiance about setting aside a savings account for your dream wedding. Additionally, sit down with each of your parents to discuss what they feel comfortable contributing to the wedding (this can affect how much funds you will be contributing). Setting a budget will get you off to a great start in your planning process.

Narrow Down your Lists

Prior to venturing out to explore venues and vendors, you’ll have two important list to narrow down. Pick several dates that you vision your wedding to take place on. Take yourselves back to your vision; does that include a sandy beach as your aisle, or does your vision include saying “I Do” indoors with snow falling in the background? Take a look at your calendars to narrow down a couple dates that work for the both of you (don’t forget your close ones; make sure those dates work for them too!). The second list to narrow down is your guest list. Create a draft guest list with how many guest you would like to invite to your special day. It is suggested to make a must invite list and would like to invite list. Both of these list will play an important role with your budget and the venues you will explore.

Hire a Wedding Pro

There are multiple different packages that wedding planners offer. You can hire them to assist in planning your big day from the very beginning to a month prior to the big day. Evaluate the time you have in your personal life to put towards planning, while considering your length of your engagement. A wedding planner can assist in making the big tough decisions that need to be made right after your engagement. Of course, A Trace of Elegance is always here at any point in the process to help with planning!

Organization is Key

There will be a lot of decisions and paper coming at you while planning your big day. It is important to keep all contracts and receipts in one place (take a picture and email it to yourself for worst case scenario). Our previous blog posts have recommend the binder version for all of our newly engaged couples. This offers comprehensive timelines, ways to track your budget and folders to keep important documents all in one place.

The Venue is Your Canvas

With your wedding planner by your side, your vision can come alive through your venue. The space you choose will influence everything from the style of your wedding dress, guest count, to your decorations. It is very important to tackle this early in your wedding planning. Don’t forget about the grub the venue provides; for some this will make or break picking a venue. Talk with prospected venues if they offer a testing of their food choices prior to your wedding day.

Other Big Bookings

After you have your venue and pro in the bag, the next big items to check of your list will be your photographer and DJ or band. It is important to give yourselves time to interview prospective vendors for your big day. Each vendor has their own style; ask to look at their portfolios to make sure you find the right person to make your wedding.

Breath In, Breath Out!

Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime event with your fiance. Take time to relax and take time away from discussing wedding planning. Go get a massage, recap your first date, or stay in for a movie and popcorn. Anything to keep your attention on each other!