Calling B.S. on "New Year, New Me"

Today on Instagram I shared a post about why I don’t align with the whole “New Year, New Me” thing. I just really can’t get behind it. I understand the concept and am all for self-improvement (just take a look at my bookshelf sometime). But, I have one giant problem with this phenomenon that rolls around every December. 

What’s so wrong with this version of you? Seems pretty great to me.


Remember: Nothing magical happens when you flip your calendar from December to January each year. You’re you and that’s perfectly amazing.  

Want to run a marathon this year? You should totally do that.

Looking to move to a new city?

Pick up cooking or a new hobby?

Have a baby?

Make new friends?

Take the trip of a lifetime?

Get promoted?

Start a business?

Get married?

Do that. Be all in. But don’t stop to compare yourself to some silly version of this person you saw in your head when you were 15. You’re so much more than that. 

And, if “getting married” or “plan the perfect ______” is on your wish list for 2019, let’s do it.


Peace, love & less comparison,