Incorporating Wedding Trends Into Your Wedding

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had quite a few conversations with other wedding professionals including photographers, florists and other planners about couples following what’s on trend when planning a wedding.

Now, I’m all about staying current on what’s the latest and greatest when it comes to wedding designs. Whether you’re incorporating the Pantone Color of the Year or a gorgeous bloom you’ve seen used in bridal bouquets all over Pinterest, there is one very important thing to keep in mind before you select any detail for your wedding – does what you’re selecting fit your style as a couple? This is not to say that you can’t use all lucite or do a large-scale greenery hoop installation if that’s your thing. I’m just advising you to think outside of the top pinned section of Pinterest and consider what makes you and your honey unique as a couple.

If there’s a trend out that you’re really into you can still make it “you” by incorporating it, or something similar, into your wedding while still remaining true to the two of you as a couple. Not sure how to blend your styles? Wedding designers (hey, that’s us) can help you iron out the details. We sit down with you as a couple and basically interview you about your likes and dislikes and things you love to do together as a couple.

Our favorite wedding designs have been made up of immensely personal details (not just talking monograms and photos here), which created a unique wedding that spoke to the couple's likes and who they are as a couple. By incorporating things you love to create a memorable experience for guests who know and love you the most.

Now get out there and let the inspiration flow!