Getting to Know Another Member of the Team!


Full Name:

Caitlyn Brooke Gershon

1.   Where are you from? Sanford, MI

2.   How do you know Trace? She is my sister-in-law!

3.   What do you like doing in your free time? Hang out with my dogs :) 

4.   What do you like about event planning? I like seeing the end result. Seeing how everything comes together and all of the guests enjoying themselves, after all of the ideas, planning and meetings is priceless.

5.   What is your favorite wedding trend right now? Rustic and Bohemian. I love all of the wooden centerpieces, lanterns, wildflowers and floral crowns.

6.   What trip are you dying to take? I have been wanting to backpack for a few days in Glacier National Park for a very long time. I'd also love to go to Italy.

7.   What music do you listen to in your car? Most of the time I’m listening to Country!

8.   What was planning your own wedding like? What did you like most about it? Do you wish you did anything differently? I enjoyed everything about planning my wedding! I think it helped that after I set my date, I only had about 7 months to plan. I loved looking at different venues and cake and menu tasting! I didn't rethink much and just went with my initial ideas. If I could change anything, I'd probably do a destination.

9.   What advice do you have for soon-to-be brides? Everyone always has something to say and has an idea of what you should do. It can be very overwhelming and stressful. Don't try to please anyone besides yourself and your partner. The day is just about the two of you day after all! 

10.         What are you looking forward to at A Trace of Elegance in the future? I'm looking forward to helping other women plan the wedding of their dreams and making each one as unique as each couple.


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