Five Gift Ideas for Your Parents on Your Wedding Day

In addition to being a wedding planner our Owner and Head Event Designer, Tracy (aka Trace), is also a bride-to-be! Today Trace shares with us a few ideas on what to get your parents on your wedding day.

It’s customary to get the parents of the bride and groom a token or appreciation to say “thank you” to them for all they have done for the wedding, and for you while growing up. If your family dynamic does not fit the traditional model then apply these tips to those special relationships and connections instead.

1.     Our all-time favorite gift for parents is a photo book or printed canvas of the photos you think they will enjoy most from your wedding day. This could be photos of you and your parents together, detail shots of perhaps the jewelry they bought you for the big day, or just photos of the newlyweds looking happy as can be. Now, since you won't get all of your photos right away, we recommend doing a cute note explaining that their gift will be coming to them when you receive your photographs from your wedding photographer.

We especially love the Elegant Wedding design on Shutterfly!

2.     A magnolia tree, or any other kind of tree with meaning to you, is a symbolic and meaningful gift for your parents to enjoy for years to come. Not only does a tree need a stable foundation to grow, but it also needs sunshine (happiness) and rain (hard times) to thrive. Cheesy, we know, but they will appreciate the sentimental nature of the gift.

3.     We are always fans of the tie patches for dads and handkerchiefs for parents! They are cute and sentimental, but also make for a great photo op on your wedding day. Here are some of our favorite photos incorporating these into your wedding day photos.

Tie Photo

Etsy is a great resource for finding these tie patches and customized handkerchiefs.

4.     An original idea we recently came across online was doing a customized print of the song chosen to dance to with your parent. We are all for customized, sentimental options when it comes to gifts for those most important to us.

Customized Print

5.     Another interesting thing that we found on Etsy was a letter box that would have a handwritten and then inscribed letter that you wrote to your parents on it. What a fun way to start a memory box with your loved ones.

Letter Box

Brides, what did you, or are you going to get, your parents or loved ones as a gift on your wedding day? We'd love for you to share your ideas in the comments below.