ATOE Blog Takeover with Event Assistant, Brittany

Brittany, former Event Intern for A Trace of Elegance and recently promoted Event Assistant, is taking over the blog today. She’ll be looking back on what she’s learned over the first year with ATOE and reflect on the memories she’s cherished most.

Do you ever think back when you were growing up and you had endless possibilities of what you could be when you grew up? Well, this year I began that journey. I’ve been fortunate enough this past year to live out a passion of mine as a intern at A Trace of Elegance. This year has been full of memories, personal growth and learning. I became really familiar with the phrase, “When you’re doing something you love, it will never seem like work.”

Photo by Justine Castle

Photo by Justine Castle

The best part of this experience has been making other people’s special days memorable, while still having a ton of fun. I find planning to be exciting down to the timeline and little details. Until starting this internship I didn’t understand the full depth and benefit of hiring a wedding planner. Not only throughout the planning process, but especially on your special day. Your wedding day should be full of unforgettable pleasant memories. What better gift to yourself and your loved ones to know every detail of your special day will be tended to while you are living in the moment making memories. Even the littlest thing impacts the flow of your day, such as remembering the forks and napkins on the cake table & making sure your father isn’t in the restroom when he’s to be twirling his daughter on the dance floor.

There’s a reason you hire a professional photographer rather than just handing guests disposable cameras. These professionals take an ordinary moment and make that snap shot breathtaking. An element of wedding planning I’ve learned a lot about is the detail that goes into making your wedding day vision come to life. There are so many minuscule details that go into making a dessert table look timeless and elegant. It’s not just placing plates and treats on a table. It’s down to the textures of the material, the color palette and the placement of each plate. These details make a world of difference that you don’t realize until it’s in front of you. I’m no interior designer - believe me - but my new found obsession is placing favors at your guest’s place settings to make each setting looking identical. If you tied a sweet message to that bottle opener, I focus on placing it in a way to conceal the knot. These are the details I’ve learn to love and obsess over on your wedding day.

There’s something to be said for making someone’s wedding day perfect that’s extremely rewarding. There could be a long list of memories or moments from every wedding I've assisted with over this year. Being able to contribute to making someone’s wedding day more enjoyable and being there for the most personal moments is priceless. Seeing the first look or the could dancing with their parents will bring tears to my eyes every time. Other than the typical emotional moments, in all seriousness, my favorite memories and what I’ve loved the most as a wedding coordinator have been seeing the bride and groom truly enjoy themselves on their day. Knowing that I contributed to that enjoyment makes this profession so worth it. You become emotionally invested and it may come off like you’re my long-time childhood girlfriend.

This year has been one of the best times of my personal and professional life. I’ve found a great new friend and mentor through Tracy. She has opened her heart and knowledge in this adventure. My confidence in myself has become stronger. Also, a new spark of enjoyment and passion has come into my life that I knew was missing. I truly look forward to growing that passion by continuing to work with Tracy and the many other professionals I’ve meet throughout this past year.