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A Trace of Elegance, weddings & events

Photo by Lisa Tune Photography

The team at A Trace of Elegance thrives on creating memorable events throughout Metro Detroit and beyond! We see beauty and inspiration all around us and we absolutely LOVE what we do and adore the clients we work with.

As planners, we get great joy from celebrating your stories, passions and crafting experiences surrounding the uniqueness that sets you apart! Sharing moments of joy with others is what makes a fantastic event and we lead our planning philosophy by just that – creating memories that will last a lifetime.

We value creative collaboration and believe in community over competition. Cultivating relationships with our clients, vendor partners and in our community is key for A Trace of Elegance.

Event planning is so much more than just simply making something look pretty. We take the time to learn about our clients and construct something beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and representative of your unique vision and personality! We produce fresh, elevated and impactful designs by intentionally choosing each detail.

If this sounds like what you’re searching for, then look no further! We look forward to creating beautiful experiences with you!


Meet Trace

Hey! I'm Tracy (AKA Trace), Owner and Head Event Designer at A Trace of Elegance. I'm deeply in love with planning events of all types and I have a non-stop enthusiasm for what I do.

Now, here's some boring stuff about my "credentials" to show you that I'm a "professional." I received my undergraduate degree in Journalism and Photography and have a Masters degree in Business Administration. See, I told you I'm a "professional." (But really, we'll probably end up being besties and you'll want to invite me to your bachelorette party. For the record, I'd totally come.)

When I'm not in full Boss Lady mode you can find me drinking vino while whipping up something tasty in the kitchen. While we're on a call my dogs will most likely be barking at someone walking by and my husband will probably try to talk to me from another room, not realizing I'm on the phone. #marriedlife

If that's not enough about are some fun tidbits:

My first name is my mom's maiden name and that's where my nickname "Trace" came from, which is how I named my business!

Here are some things I love:


Strategy and logistics (Sounds boring but it's what makes me great at my job)

Kindness. (We serve ALL! If that doesn't jive with you then keep it movin'.)

Wine & sunshine (especially drinking wine on a patio when it's sunny)

Making new friends while holding on to those closest to me.